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    Thank you all very much for empathizing and offering some guidance and support as well as sharing some of your own personal experience that I know is difficult to rehash sometimes. I’ve downloaded the book that was reccommended and I feel so much strength and love having a community where I can reach out like this and communicate with others who have been on a similar journey. Ultimately, I know the decision will need to be made at some point — to stay or to go. And whatever happens, I trust that I am taken care of as long as I continue to stay on the path where spiritual practice take precedence. I continue to pray for strength to make the decision in the most loving and positive way. Right now I take comfort in the way of thinking that I don’t have to “figure it out” just yet and eventaully I pray the best possible outcome will reveal itself. Thank you all again, I wish so much love and peace to every one of you and your continuing adventures in life and love. <3

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)