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    Dear Alana,

    First of all, you look great in the picture and I’m sure people who see you smile like that could feel your happiness too.

    Sorry to know that you’re suffering, however, as you’ve said in your post, you’ve tried to doing so many positive things in order to become a better you and to live a better life. For yourself and for your kids.

    Right now, I also have a few important things in life to deal with, career (I quit my good job, as I really don’t have passion for it), and relationship gets rough, I’m on diet (though I’m not fat, I want to be the girl I want to be) and other minor things like the exam I always want to take, but it seems I fear of it. I’ve been struggling for those for a while, and I also remember “less is more”, as when I’m trying to deal with all of it, I can do nothing but get overwhelmed.

    I once read an advice from a book, it says, just form one habit at a time. My advice for you is you priority your goals first, then pick up one. For example, to eat more healthy, and just focus on it, develop methods to reach for it, till it becomes your habit. And I’m sure you can start to build your confidence by reaching your goal daily, if fail, then try agian. I guess that’s called persistence.

    Not sure if my advice helps, but at least, you have to know and remember you’re not alone and there’re many people care about you and could offer some serious helpful advices.

    Love your smile, and wish you happy.


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