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    Hi Anna,

    I agree a lot with Anita’s assessments; however, there are a few things I wish to add. I have not gone through your old posts in detail as Anita has, so it is possible that I am missing some context here, but if you also enjoy his company and friendship minus the issues you mention, I think it is worth having a few conversations with him instead of passively, “distancing…[and] try[ing] to act cold and see.”

    While it is possible he is acting this way to his advantage, it could also be that he is simply scared of going into a relationship with you. He may similarly be worried of what may happen if you become bf/gf and it ruins the friendship. If that is the case, perhaps a candid conversation about it may be better than assuming the worst of his intentions and disappearing from his life?

    Personally, I have made a lot of mistakes in friendships and relationships in general, but I have been able to grow the most when people care enough about me to give me the benefit of the doubt and have a conversation with me about issues.

    Let me know what you think,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)