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    Hi Saje

    Have you ever looked into making a vision board for your life?  When you focus on what you are desiring, the law of attraction starts to operate and bring it into your manifested reality. If you focus on the lack of not having a partner, then that is what you are attracting into your life.  No partner. When you focus on the partner you want and see, feel and I mean really imagine it as if it is your reality. It is. It will become your reality. Despair, sadness and the sense of lack will disappear. Miraculous things will start to happen for you. Your partner is there. The universe will bring him to you.

    One of the best ways to begin to help you see it, is to write a list of what attributes you desire in a partner. Start gathering pictures of the things you would like him to do with you. Start speaking it out of your mouth and meditating on it in the NOW tense eg. “My partner and I are madly in love. We enjoy taking long strolls on the beach holding hands and enjoying the sunset. We love to go to football games together. He is a great cook and I love how he enjoys just spending time with me and my family. He is gentle and affectionate with me. I am truly worthy of his love.”

    Can you see him? When you meditate on it and visualise him as if you have him, (Be content with what you have) feel the feelings those images make you feel (rejoice in the way things are). I promise you, you will no longer feel lack. He will be real to you and you will see him one day walk right into your life! (When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.)



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