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    Hi Anita, thank you so much for your reply.

    All you said actually made a lot of sense to me. I had a few more conversations with her after taking some time to reflect on your comments.

    Things went well from there. Unfortunately, our relationship could not be salvaged –or at least not in the way I would’ve liked. But on the other hand, we arrived at a very conscious and respectful ending. We were able to recognize things weren’t working right and that this asynchrony between us was not something we could live with right now.

    I ended up reassuring her that if she ever feels ready or has a clearer idea about what she wants later on, and that if that is something I can offer her; I’d be more than happy to give ‘us’ another chance.

    I don’t know if we will have a chance to try things again later on, but in the meantime I feel grateful for all we went through.

    It’s been painful, I can’t deny it. But I am trying to take it one day at a time.

    Hopefully something good will come out of this.

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