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    Hi There,
    I know this may seem overly simple and not on par with what you’re experiencing… but it might help or give you another direction for some of those thoughts.
    Years ago when my now-grown & married daughter was a tiny baby, I lived in Indiana and was blessed with an amazing garden. I was planning to make a huge batch of tomato sauce to freeze for our family and was letting all the beautiful, huge tomatoes ripen on the vine for the best possible flavor. One day I was holding the baby inside; through the kitchen window I saw a woman reaching over our fence, picking our tomatoes and putting them into a bag so full it was about to break! I was so upset, I couldn’t get my daughter put down and my shoes on quickly enough, and ran out the back door just as she saw me and headed back to her car, ignoring my shouts, taking all the best tomatoes. Still today, all these years later I can remember how outraged I was that she stole my family’s food!!
    However, I can notice what an emotional reaction I had but I don’t have to descend down to those raw feelings because I was given some excellent advice a few weeks later.
    I was just beside myself over the theft of the tomatoes- I seriously couldn’t sleep, was questioning our other neighbors- who was that woman? Who was she visiting? On and on, relentlessly demanding justice in my head… but it was never going to arrive.
    So, after listening to me rant and rave over the tomatoes again and again, my dear friend Becky said, “You’d better GIVE her those tomatoes, or you’ll never get over it!” I was stumped, confused- not understanding… until Becky explained, “Visualize giving her those tomatoes- joyfully, freely and with the grace of God. She can’t steal anything from you- since you gave it to her freely.” That was such a paradigm shift for me and a relief! She couldn’t steal them from me- I GIVE them to her… every time it ever crosses my mind. I GIVE them to her, to nourish her and her family… and maybe somehow that’s what was supposed to happen. Maybe their family was in great need and those tomatoes helped. I don’t know. I do know I’m not the victim; I’m a generous tomato-giver!!
    I don’t know if that would help you with the purse, or other things… but it does give your brain a different direction to travel if you can give it a try. It worked for me…
    I’ll be sending good positive thoughts your way!!!

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