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    Megha Venketasamy

    Dear Kirsty,

    You have such a lovely and awesome life and when going through I could feel all the energy you put in everyday.

    Maybe, you should ask yourslf- “why you want to have a child with your amazing husband?”

    And rest assured if that is meant to be, universe shall take of it in due time, just ask,hand it over to universe.

    Sending you loads vibes to soothe your thoughts

    Megha Venketasamy

    Dear Csaba,

    That’s awesome- at such a tender age, you may be on your path for an awesome way of living.

    I believe most of us, who dare listen to this little voice deep inside of us, there comes a time when we know that we are more than just going to school,playing sports or video games.
    There is this craving need to feel like we are adding value everyday.

    So rest assured, now that you are questioning yourself, I’m sure Universe shall send the right persons your way to help you and guide you.

    Meanwhile what should you do?
    Start by asking yourself the following questions:
    1. What excite you? (in a holistic way, like gets you all energized)
    2. What are your talents? (I’m sure many in your surronding give you feedback about you, if not, then go and ask about that)

    Once you’ve found your talents and understand what excites you- set short goals and starting working, eventually your life vision will unfold..
    Just keep on moving and you’ll be great

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)