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    Like you, A Dying Light, I didn’t notice  that this was a thread started several years ago, but looking at the posts immediately before your own, I think I saw a predicament not a million miles from one of mine. Since 2015, I have been preparing myself for, and then relaunching myself as a transwoman. Hence the name here, which reflects the Deed Poll name change I effected in 2018, for better or worse… This has reared up again, and I don’t know this is necessarily THE answer. What I have learned is that I can do things I’d never have believed I could do. So, maybe apply that track record to something else which helps me find some meaning and purpose in life? I think that’s my next challenge…

    Thing is, has my gender identity exporation answered every question that OCD may in my case have postulated? Erm. nope… Which is why I’m here. Though maybe it’s not the best place? In the sense that if I look a weeny bit further, either I’d find something even closer to home, or, if not, why, I could start a thread all on my own!

    Anyway, I second your good wishes, and in honour of those, I suppose I could be kinder and more compassionate to myself. Now THAT would be a bigger life change than changes in exploring one’s gender identity or sexual orientation might constitute? And who knows, maybe in there lies some respite from unanswerable questions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)