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    Dear Eliana,

    First and foremost, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

    Eliana, stop believing the fact that you are alone.  You have the best of the best companions anyone can have in their life and that is YOU (your body, your mind and your soul).

    I totally acknowledge the many hardships you have in your life, but just ponder for a moment – who doesn’t.  So stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Don’t feed your mind that it is lonely all the time as what you tell it unconsciously, it will manifest that consciously in some way or the other, which will make things worse than what they are or what they seem right now.

    When you do feel that you have no one to talk to, just write your feelings down on a piece of paper (as you are a wonderful writer and share things with your inner self).  Thank god that you are blessed to be alive and try to do positive things.  If you know how to cook, cook yourself something good or go to a nearby place and have/buy something (big or small) which you like.  Try to remember the good times and the good deeds you have done in your life.  Never think about how others have reciprocated because that is not something which is in your hands.  We are just as lonely as we feel to be.

    Just remember, there are a lot of people in the world who live in war zone areas, who suffer from incurable diseases, who have lost everything due to catastrophes of some or the other sort but still they are fighting every single day to survive.

    Stop counting what you DON’T HAVE and start counting what you HAVE in your life.

    Always look at the brighter side of life.  I know saying is easy than to do, but still we all need to try, as it is our only path.

    We are all together and we are all lonely too.  It is just how we perceive it.  I hope you remember the saying – SOMETIMES YOU FIND YOURSELF IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, AND SOMETIMES, IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, YOU FIND YOURSELF.

    So Eliana, just be Good and do Good.  Stay happy and stay blessed always.


    Your friend,


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