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    Positive Pamela

    Hi there,

    It sounds like you’re taking action for action’s sake (online dating) and not taking inspired action…so many people do online dating because it seems like the logical thing to do, without or before doing the inner work on themselves first to nail down what they want in a partner, what will make them happy, feeling what it would be like to be in the ideal relationship, etc. This means it’s not mandatory to kiss 100 frogs (or in this case, frogettes) to attract the ideal partner!

    In other words, I’m talking about the law of attraction, and wondering if you’ve used it or would consider it. I highly recommend a book called The Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford (and it’s not just for women; many men read and used her techniques to attract their perfect female partner.) I’m still working on it myself…got very close but the last guy was married. However, we did not meet in person and it ended very quickly…but it also meant I had (and maybe still have) some beliefs about abundance and availability that need to be cleared up. He read one of my blogs for years and had reached out one day. I’m relating this because it’s proof that it’s quite possible to attract a partner without using online dating. When you use LOA and get in touch with yourself and feeling good, you’re going to feel inspired to take action that’s inspired and feels good…maybe check out a new grocery store in town or take an adult education class or join a gym, etc. Online dating is definitely not the only way people meet, even today! There are literally thousands of ways the universe can help you rendezvous with the right person.

    So by all means, give up online dating if it makes you feel good, but keep milking the feelings of being happy and grateful with your life (as it sounds like you already on.) And when the time feels good, write out a list of what you want in your partner and think about how you would feel being with her. Then ask the Universe to deliver it in the right way.

    Also, you can never truly ever give up on a desire. But you can give up on how you think it should or will manifest. Just be happy, and let the Universe take care of the rest.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)