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    I too faced the same situation.I felt so lonely ,ditched ,dumped and felt life is hell without him…all the dreams we dreamed together was broken … I felt i cannot move forward anymore in life..cried for days..tried calling him…convincing him…. but nothing worked… he was my best friend once still he couldn’t understand me…and when I came to know that he has started loving someone else from then I stopped bothering him,the last message I sent him was to GET LOST in huge bold letters.
    from then I felt really better.to fill the gap he made I spent all my time with my best friends….involved more in work..talked more to my family and came to know how important I am to them..how much they all loved me…how they can never leave me alone..and then I started living more n more for myself and my dear ones….

    Now I am happily married ..My family and I are happy….no regrets..I never think about past n get hurt.I don’t want to lose a milli second for anyone who doesn’t care for me.I hear his name and his stories from our common friends still I don’t feel anything.I have lost any feelings for him.

    I love my husband a looooot… same way please understand there are many people who love u a lot ,to whom you mean everything..life is very beautiful.. if you don’t want to live for yourself there are so many less privileged people around us…you can try helping them …making their life beautiful…Live your life ..Noting is difficult…only u can change ur life and friends make it easy.

    All the best ..be happy 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)