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    Renee Chris

    Personally, I am so sick of this over-sexualised society and how they treat virginity among young adults as something shameful.

    20-year-old female here.

    I try not to feel bad about that, because honestly, at the moment I don’t want or need a relationship (I guess I’ve just seen and heard too much BS from guys and I need a break), and I can only imagine giving it up to someone in a committed relationship. Why should I feel bad that I don’t want to sleep around just to ”try it”?

    But there are these people around me that keep on talking about virgins as if there was something terribly wrong and unnatural with them. This makes me lose the last remains of faith in humanity left in me.

    I don’t want virginity to be a big deal. But obviously it is for a great number of people.

    What I do is try to distance myself from those who make me feel inferior about the lack of sexual ”conquests”. I understand it’s more difficult in your case, since you’re working at a strip club. Isn’t there any possibility of finding a different job?

    Apart from that, my advice would be – if you know that you are a sensitive person and may feel terrible if you go against your principles/needs/beliefs, then wait. I’d rather stay single than have sex with a person I don’t have feelings for. In the latter case, I know I’ll feel used. And I hate this feeling.

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