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    Rhiannon McKelly

    I recently moved to a new city (in my forties) and it seems like it will take so long to form friendships. Everyone is in their lives and busy. (not in transition like me)

    I attend yoga class and a dance class.  It’s nice to just be around people sometimes even if they’re not my friends (yet).  Anyone have suggestions on how to create friendships? I mean from the beginning? Do you ask someone for coffee? It always seems so awkward and with the opposite gender, I don’t even try to make friends because of what seems to be misconstrued as wanting more than friendship.

    Sure does seem more complicated being older, and not knowing one person in a new town. I work at an Inn by myself so I only meet the guests that do not live here.

    Anyway, I’m staying positive and hopeful. Just difficult to be patient sometimes.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)