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    Hi Chris, I believe inner peace occurs when you are free from all your problems. You might automatically think that this is unattainable or for the monks who live in a ‘safe’ environment with no one to offend them but it is true, please believe me.

    For you, I would write down all your ‘current’ problems and confront each and every one of them in turn until you have non left. Logical without these problems you will have to be happy which is the start of inner peace. Problems of the mind occur from other people not really from physical situations … we have all heard of the happiest man just sitting on a park bench which makes me laugh but is true – listen to some boring Eckhart Tolle (its only his voice that is boring not what he is trying to teach) and his journey of his happiness started with nothing, also no one bothering him as he was a bum (which would have helped) and then ‘us’ creating a problem out of it.

    Once you put a game plan around a problem it becomes a challenge which sits better in mind. We only grow as people by dealing with problems (or challenges) so willingly head towards them with integrity, your head held high that you ‘want’ it sorted out and it will. Every problem you create has an answer which is usually your first thought about the situation – the first thought is always correct its just our damn brains that start to complicate it to no end and people forgot the answer of the first thought after hours, days, months or years of what I call chinese whispers of the brain… we end up far from the solution.

    Problems will continually occur, that is life, but continually confront them and you will remain in peace.

    It sounds like you have few problems so finish the job and inner peace will be yours.




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