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    hi all… I also want to share my experience. I m from asia 28
    my relationship was of a 6 years and broke up, she calls it
    through the years it was bumpy but one quality both we had are sincerity, hardworking, ( to me accepted that nothing is perfect including me) but college years were tough bogged down by financial constraint however for studies and better future life goes on.. we eat, we study, we pass uni together, we step into working world earning monies enough to go through middle class. and i thought we had been through the hard times and now is reaping profit time would not pose problems

    pondering the past financial situation, now is definitely better in many terms, … family members are all in touch and good just like a big family

    now since broke up, and her call, I knew it will never be easy for her to make such a decision, here I am just had my family worried about me.. like most thinking about the past how we should had done better, tolerate, be more communication and etc.. to me we had been worse… I am still thinking and worried over her in her future like will she regret ? and things we do , she is dependent and was very insecure in the past, but we live through it and see her changes.

    now I am keeping imagining and had dreams of her being alone when she is old.. I am regretting now to have imagine her doing things alone taking long travels with no one to cover blanket and speak to ( and then regret and think of it)

    I just cant imagine and live on with such memories and future regrets to happen

    just sharing my insight

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)