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    I guess to start from the end…how I reacted when I was young to bad situations, was different…there for I got through it easier…I feel like now that I am coming to the end with my family I am feeling loss more, and its resting on my mind harder. I also had a very difficult career, but somehow I remember surviving it, but I dont remember the pain involved.

    Ive had 11 surgeries and have never had pain medications because I learned to have a relationship with pain, I can still see myself going with out post op pain medications. Its the emotional pain I have more problems with now. Interesting because the way I understand pain, is your brain cannot differentiate how it reacts to emotional pain as apposed to physical pain, it sees both as the same stressors.

    I guess we can look at life as a series of tests. I am familiar with tests..but there are some tests I feel are just over the top..

    Peace on your journey as well…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)