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    Hey – You are DEFINITELY not alone. One thing I’ve found that has help minimize the symptoms of panic attacks, when I feel one coming on is to confront it. So, if for example, you’re afraid of being in a crowd… put yourself in a situation where you will be in a crowd. Perhaps bring a friend or make it a crowd of people you already know. But if you feel the feeling of panic, stop, slow your breathing and ask yourself things like “what’s the worst thing (realistically) that could happen to me by being in this crowd?” or “am I going to die by simply being at this party?” You get the idea. It’s not easy, but depending on your triggers, you may find it helpful.

    This is something I found on Facebook that helps but panic attacks into perspective. I ended up saving it as a picture and keep it on my phone and refer to it often:


    Good luck, it’s not easy and it takes work but YOU CAN OVERCOME IT!

    ~ Sarge

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)