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    Hi skyefalls,
    I can SO relate to the obsessive thoughts at night. Usually during the day I’m okay but as soon as I sit with myself to rest, I start thinking of my soon to be X and all the things he is doing to try to harm me. Then I think of how I can combat the things. Over and over and over. Every scenario I can think of just so I am prepared. I know the reality is he is not trying to harm me, he is looking out for his self interests just as I am.

    And it’s not only him, I am so often the victim in many of my obsessive screenplays about past incidences. I get exhausted and feel so powerless of my mind and my ability to get some relief.

    This is new to me. I have a chance at a new life and want to change. I’m just so tired of struggling and don’t know how to. While I’m sorry to hear others struggle with these obsessive negative thoughts at night, I’m glad to hear it’s not only me. this forum seems great and just knowing there are people who want to help others is so uplifting. So it seems like meditation might be helpful. If anyone has any recommendations of what types of meditation works that would be great.

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