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    @icare4u said:
    Hi Happy,

    In response, I am sharing with you some enlightening guidance…

    I feel… every fear we feel is coming from us created by the mind… And because of
    that, it is easy to be free of them. For it is only you who ultimately decides
    where your mind will go and what it will hold on to.

    This works really well works.. Just imagine being free of your fear of anxiety, and suddenly that’s precisely where you are. Fill your mind with positive, empowering good thoughts that you have had in the past or wanting to have
    now and you’ll quickly crowd out the thoughts that bring you down. You have what it takes to move beyond your fears of anxiety.

    When you get past this point, you are free to do what you know is right, rather than being constantly worried. You can put all your energy into the task of the moment, instead of being anxious about the future. Everything in life has
    only the power that we give it. You can choose at any time to free yourself from the limitations it imposes on you.

    Very importantly to remember no one can separate you from your purpose. Nothing can take the power of that purpose away from you it is yours…

    Sincerely coming from me, enjoy the journey of your achievement, and you’ll surely reach your goal…Your abilities you awaken will add value to every corner of your life. Finish strong and you’ll be fully prepared for whatever is next.

    THIS ^ That is EXACTLY what I am figuring out now with my own Anxiety issues as well… There is no need for Meds. We just need to take control of our mind. We LIVE our THOUGHTS…

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    Dear, Happy,
    I too have been feeling the way you described above for quite some time now. Basically, to the point where I felt like am I losing my mind and would try and GOOGLE what it is I was feeling. Thankfully within my search I found this website which I feel is helping me breath just a little easier than I have been for the past 2 yrs. I guess its a self discovery for sure but hey just take each day the best you can. I have started to workout daily now, meditate and do yoga. I am just now learning about “mindfulness” so Im sure once WE you, me and any other person who feels this trapped feeling can learn to be more grateful for the life we have now and sit and be caring for ourselves that we can get over this annoyance of fear, anxiety, worry and whatever else comes along with it. We have to become mindful of ourselves and our suffering in order to get over it. I too, will NOT give into being diagnosed or taking meds.. I would rather learn all I can about this to get thru it on my own along with God by my side. I feel maybe you should do the same keep searching and learning about it all you can. One thing I have been told a person who ?’s there sanity is not insane so no worry there you can make it thru to the other side too. And by you writing this I feel, you too are on the right track to harnessing back your sanity you once felt.. Same with me 🙂

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