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    Dear @esther08,

    Would you like to – for a moment – think the silly thought of life being a game. And you are the player.

    To that game there is no finish line, no ending. And the purpose is living. You can live just the way you do and that would be fine because you decided to live the way you do.

    Whenever you feel not satisfied (like you do right now) it’s the script of the game pushing you to take new decisions and experience more. Reaching the next level. You can chose to do so by becoming more than you are. Or you can hit the snooze button by not doing what you are supposed to do – in that way you will be reminded again and again and you will have to snooze again and again.

    If you don’t know what you are suppose to do then look within. Ask yourself. Write that question on a blank page. Then write down the first thing that comes into mind and do it. It might not be something of tremendous value, it might be something silly. But by doing it you will be a step closer to discovering the next step.

    Everything I wrote might seem a bit strange and you might reject it for a deeper explanation and analyze of what’s really going on. All I ask is just to give it a shot.

    We create ourselves by the decisions we make.

    If you decide to wake up at 5 and run outside. How will that affect you? If you decide to change your job and do it, how will that affect you? If you decide to reply to what I’ve written, how will that affect you?

    We create ourselves by the decisions we make. We alter our reality by will. Sometimes there is a simple solution to a complicated question.


    She is not the one @shaheed. Redirect your energy and thought power to something else, or someone else.
    Time will pass and this will also pass. In a few years it will be like a distant memory and a blessing to not be involved with such person. She will do what she did to you to someone else, and someone else will do that to her – it’s a circle that you don’t want to be a part of.

    Find a greater purpose my friend. This situation will be just something that came and gone – even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. I was once in a similar place, in love to the degree of being possessed with someone that cheated on me. Thought that the hurt will never stop. Fast forward 10 years, I have a family with a loving wife and an adorable daughter.

    And that someone is nothing but a distant memory with no value.

    You will get through this.



    I didn’t know of these books and I’m happy for the info. Will definitely read some. Thank you.

    , Josh, thanks for the advice. Maybe balance for a while is what I need. I will try to work on getting that for a few months. It is achievable. I wouldn’t know if this balance will affect my positive aspects (energy, desires, will) in a negative way before trying, but I’m willing to experiment.


    Dear @anita
    Thank you. By breaking down my description you made me think of how I see myself and my life by the words I’m using, that helped me see things more clearly. You have a special gift for that.

    I see a “Warrior” as someone who have struggled with life’s battles despite the odds. Winning some, losing some. Changing reality. Gaining wisdom.

    My destiny is running my own business. By that I can gain the best ratio of getting/giving value for invested time – time is the most precious gift we haveand i feel like I’m wasting it working for someone else. When I work on something that matter to me and give great amount of energy to it, I’m at the peak of my “up” period – I feel unstoppable then. That’s my dream and vision. But before I can get there I have to keep punching the clock, working 2/3 of the waking day to provide for my family. Maybe stealing one or two hours here and there to put on my side projects, hoping that in a few years one of them can get me there.

    I take care of my parents and siblings by being there for them in every way possible. When things get hard I’m the one to turn to, I’m the problem solver.

    If all I see is darkness around me when I’m at my down period – disappearing in my mind – I doubt that I can get where I would like to be or even be there for my loved ones. That’s why I have to find a viable solution to minimize the downs, find some process to drag myself up.

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