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    I’m feel as though I’m in the same boat with an ex – of course, we weren’t married, but nonetheless, I have at times, felt like a doormat. I’m beginning to see that the whole thing has been a learning experience for me.  Regardless of what he takes from it. I’ve had enough of the abuse -It’s what it is, abuse. You’re right about co-depency as well.  Follow the voice deep down which is screaming at you the “Truth”

    You are being given the “Truth” and need to follow that.  You have a path that will lead you to self-fulfillment and the world is set up for your win.  When he comes running back, and he will come running back, follow your gut once again and let him follow his path that he is on  now.  Tell him to go back to “his moment to moment living” and dating. You’re done! Meditation and therapy have been a huge source as has Buddah website. There is so much for you – Go get it.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)