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    Silence is the best answer, his bullying itself means that you are absolutely correct, its totally his problem alone. He has his own inner turmoil and his Ego not his true self is trying to create problems. Once Ego gets out of the way and the conscious and subconscious mind work in unison only then can we have peace, this works for both you in not giving any power to this type of behavior and also to him if his ego could get out of the way that is. 🙂




    Hi I’m new on TB, but I’d like to advise and comment to Nancy’s original comment as I have suffered in the past with the same issues about letting go.

    I think its a situation of over analyzing, which in fairness we all do, its very hard to put into practice the law of allowing, especially if we have had a rough ride, we want instant relief, we want answers now. So, we spend more time reading and meditating and asking again for what we want, which in many ways can hamper us, because we are asking the same questions over and over and not living the moment, but living the past, because its a question we’ve already asked.

    Look at it this way. If you plant a seed you don’t keep digging it up to see how it is progressing do you? You just let it be, knowing it will bloom one day. This is the best analogy I’ve heard yet on the LOA and you think Id have it down, I still slip up with that one, but the analogy is perfect and can you imagine if we treated every facet of our lives like we did a planted seed? We’d have no worries! 🙂

    My advice is this. Ask your questions on forums, read books, meditate and then take a break from it all and go and do something for yourself that takes you out of the questioning portion.

    During the break I used to place a rubber band on my wrist, and stretch it back so it would snap my wrist if I had a wandering thought about the past that could hamper me.

    Go forth ask for advice, and ask for what you truly want, then like the seed leave it be, and get back to life.

    Sometimes you have to live the question before you get the answer.

    Good Luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)