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    Hi Awakening. You know, I could write a whole book about my path and journey so far! I totally relate to what you are going through…

    Regarding your question about how I got back in touch with myself, it was a meandering process that took place over a long period. As part of my “seeking”, I tried so, so many tools / techniques / approaches. Some worked better for me than others. And sometimes, it just depended on where I was in my life at the moment. So, it was really a combination of things. Everything from meditation, energy healing, writing, mantras, affirmations, yoga, reading, etc.

    In terms of getting back in touch with who I truly am, I had to learn to go back to what really makes me happy… and began to think back to times when I was a child, before all the social conditioning, to remember what I enjoyed.

    You know, I am actually very, VERY passionate about this topic. I have spent over a decade on this… the process of discovering who we truly are… reconnecting with our true self. I believe that it is only then that we find true happiness and fulfillment. Otherwise, we can have all the “success” in the world, yet still always feel like something is missing.

    I am actually building a new iPhone app that is specifically designed to help people get back in touch with who they truly are. I didn’t mention it earlier because I didn’t want to seem like I am spamming the forum. 😛 So, I never put a link to the site.

    You can get a sneak peek of it here: http://www.IntuitionJournal.com

    Do you have an iPhone? If so, I’d love to give you a promo code so you can download the app for free. It hasn’t launched yet, but I can share more info about the app with you privately, via email. 🙂 Perhaps it would be helpful for you?

    Oh, sorry! I didn’t answer your question about “how to keep it going”. Gosh… you know, I realized that whenever life was “normal” and flowing well, I always got kinda lazy, in terms of nurturing my soul. I mean, during times of crisis and confusion, I go all out! Meditating every day, yoga, writing, etc. But then, when things settle down, I start to slack off. Then, the cycle repeats itself again once a new crisis arises!

    So, for the last year or so, I have been reminding myself EVERY DAY that I need to practice ongoing discipline. Otherwise, it’s like someone who is on a yo-yo diet! So, even just taking a few minutes in the morning to remind myself to nourish my soul totally helps. Also, it is a HABIT. So, whatever you decide to do, try to make it a habit… even if it just means taking a few moments when you first wake up to tell yourself that you are committed to _____ (whatever you want to focus on).

    For me, remembering to TRUST MYSELF and to choose positive thoughts over negative ones, has made a HUGE difference. I suppose part of it is an act of faith… to trust and believe that everything is, and will be, ok.

    It is an ongoing process, but every day I feel more and more connected with myself.

    You know, as the launch date for my app approaches, I feel fear creeping in and I wonder if what I am building will be of value to anyone… and start feeling afraid that it will fail. But, what snaps me out of it is trusting that it is a process… and no matter what happens, I am letting my inner self guide me. So, if I can grow each day and apply myself as best as I can, then, no matter what the outcome of the app may be, it will be a success for me. Does that make sense?

    Thanks for sharing and also giving me an opportunity to share back!!

    P.S. Remind yourself to not feel guilty!! You are aware… and “awakening”… this is a lifelong process, so there is no need to think that you must “let it complete”. Just take it day by day… reminding yourself to accept where you and to not be hard on yourself. Practice LOVING YOURSELF… and being gentle with yourself. 😉


    Wow… Thanks to you all for sharing so much. I’m new to the forum and it is really inspiring to see you all contribute so much!

    TheAwakening: To answer your question, yes. I have definitely had that feeling that something was “missing” and a general sense of uneasiness, even when everything seemed great on the surface. I’ve gone through that many times throughout my life. For nearly 20 years, I struggled to find a sense of “fulfillment”. It was like a moving target that always seemed to elude me. No matter what changes I made or what I achieved, that feeling that something was missing always seemed to creep back up.

    I went from the dot-com start up days to the corporate world of business strategy, then left it all to spend my days doing only what I loved — yoga, meditation, painting, music, etc. But then, my savings ran out! After that, I went back to “doing things for money”, struggling the whole time to find balance. I worked for non-profits, produced art and music events, worked in the entertainment industry, everything! It all looked so great on the surface, but I always still had a sense that I wanted something more…

    What finally made a big difference for me was getting back in touch with myself. I mean, really, really going deep, past all the layers and layers of conditioning, my ego, etc, all of which clouded my true vision and relationship with myself.

    I made a conscious decision to reconnect with ME… my true, innermost self. I also decided to stop being so hard on myself. Like Matt said, don’t beat yourself up over your choices, or what you deem to be “wrong” choices. Who’s to say what is “right” or “wrong”? All that matters is that you are constantly given the opportunity to learn from your experience. AND, you always have the power to make changes and choose a new path and direction.

    What helps me stay centered is trusting that I am always exactly where I need to be. Looking back on my life, I can see that everything has shaped me into who I am today… even the “bad” decisions have played an integral role in my personal growth.

    So, perhaps it will help you to feel more at peace if you can remember that you are exactly where you need to be right now… and that deep down, you know everything you need to know. All the answers are within you, including why you have a sense that something is “not in sync”.

    Perhaps this feeling is leading you back to yourself…

    It has a been a long road of self-discovery for me. I am still on the path, but it gets easier and easier every day.

    Best wishes to you!! It sounds like you are truly on a path of awakening… it can feel so unsettling, but stay with it and return to the real you!!!

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