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    Thank you Anita.

    Since the time I submitted the post and today it’s been in actuality about 36? 48? hours.

    A further update is that I see that he is starting to draw money out of both businesses politely — he is not just taking the money out even though he has full access to the bank accounts, instead he is putting the request in writing, for me to agree to it, before taking the money out.

    We have had angry words and angry texts over the weekend. I had sent him recordings of our phone conversations at his request “…so that (he) doesn’t think he’s going crazy”. After receiving those recordings he said, “I hope you have listened to them yourself. I don’t see any reason in those recordings to justify your behaviour in the last week. Though I don’t find it being health. I’m glad you recorded our conversations.”

    He apologised at one point for how he reacted on the call that set it all off one week ago, saying he reacted that way because he felt backstabbed. Yet 7 days later, he said that he has treated me as his partner throughout this period.

    Even posting here, makes me feel like I am in some way betraying him, because I am talking about him to others. It’s something he seems to feel keenly about; that I cannot talk about him to others, because he is a very private person. Him saying he has been backstabbed by me this time, is not the first. My heart is heavy, my eyes are swollen, and my tissue box is running low — if I am the horrible partner he is making me out to be, then why didn’t he leave, and why am I finding it so hard to leave?

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