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    I must be honest, like Anonymus I’m encountering the same issue and it is completely disheartening. I’m a single dad who actually has custody of my 12 year-old son. I cook, clean, laundry and all the other domestic stuff that required to run a good house, I even promote that my ex-wife and son build a positive relationship. So imagine my dismay when I go on the website and reach out to someone close to my age and I get “that they do not want to date me because of being a full-time dad (let me say I was floored).

    I went to the dating website(s) because I realized that I had a tendency to date women who require “help” and wonder why almost every woman I dated seriously has stepped out on me. So I have carefully written my profile to articulate exactly who I am; I even pour over just what I’m going to write to my prospective next rejection only to get crickets.

    I must admit that I did meet someone for coffee and she was vision, buuuuut has only dated one guy (the father of her son) and has been single for the last 11 years ( I guess that should have been a clear indicator. We hit it off, we had almost everything in common (it was almost scary) she was jovial, had flower sin her hair, we laughed and joked. I walked her to her car, open the door for her, event tucked her frilly dress inside the car (Because she almost shut it in the door), I closed her door, stepped away and smiles as she drove off waving by…I kid you not the very next day (much later ) I get it not you, it’s me line before she ghosts me…

    It’s hard to not feel a bit rejected by the constant “Left Swipe” you know I used to be a very optimistic person, but the constant rejection has been slowly chipping away at my resolve. I’m starting to wonder if giving up just might be a great idea.

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