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    So glad, or comforted is more like it, that I found this blog.  I’ve read every single post starting with the original one – Sarah’s, and I find a huge amount of comfort in realizing that I am not the only person who lost a beloved dog (March 24, 2020 @ 7:20 p.m.) and am finding it incredibly difficult to function at times.  I’m not going to get into details about my boy’s health issues (there were too many to enumerate here), but I knew for the last month or so that this day was coming. But no matter if it happens out of the blue, COMPLETELY unexpected, or if you have a little advance notice that it’s coming…I don’t think any of us are prepared for the magnitude of how utterly awful it feels when our furry friends are gone. I lost a beloved pup back in 2007. I grieved the loss of her, but not like this time around. This time is different and far worse. I was definitely more bonded with this latest little guy (Louie – a tan and cream Miniature Schnauzer), as he was pretty much stuck to me like glue since I got him at 8 weeks old. Good God… together with the same animal for almost 17 years…no wonder I worry about my emotional and mental health in trying to deal with his death. I even got a little paper back book from Amazon that examines the probability (from a biblical perspective) of being reunited with our pets in Heaven.

    But, as I said in starting, I am grateful to see that there are other souls out there who are experiencing the same type and intensity of feelings. I still cry every day. I have pics of my little Louie in almost every room of my house, ’cause if he were still alive, he would have been following me around no matter where I was in the house. And, I pray…every day, several times throughout the day, asking God to look over my boy – and really – all of these wonderful pets, until such time that we can be reunited with them.




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