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    Dear anita,

    Thank you for your reply. You gave me lots of food for thought.

    Aproaching it from the chemicals produced in our bodies and therefore treating it like a physical wound I understand that like all wounds it needs time and care and also not scratching it or wounding anew…

    “When an emotional injury happens, something like this happens, simplified: the nerve cells (neurons) in our brain secret chemicals called neurotransmitters, and our glands secret other chemicals called hormones.” This got me thinking that it might be possible that you can get hooked on this cycle of negative feelings and then finding some form of comfort? It reminded me of what phsycoanalysts say about recreating in our relationships the unresolved traumas we might have, in the hope it will not play out the same way.

    So maybe I am craving for the suffering of unresolved issues and remaining and recreating a viciousĀ  circle (samsara). And if thats the case my mind and body are well versed in this situation so maybe the reason I keep remembering my hurt and the exact situation is because I feel familiar with myself in pain. Maybe I preffer my hurt and hopeless version to absolute groundlesness(which is a good buddhist state).

    No matter who is trying to tell me something : habit, addiction to bad feelings, hurt child inside me, emotions,etc I definetely will try not to use it against me but respect it as a very large and up to now powerful part of me.

    Therefore any different or similar perspective as to why each of us sometimes replay painful past situations will help me to have tools in my awareness toolbag to investigate and compare!

    So thank you




    I s


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