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    Just see it as how it effects people on an emotional perspective, as opposed to a value a person has, or social gimmicks, despite those things it genuinly has impacts on a persons feelings, as I’ve observed in both men and woman alike.

    It tends to only mean nothing to those who think little of it, hence the double sided perspective, at the end of the day people will follow their emotional justifications towards things, but judging on Alex’s two threads I still found it important to weigh in a bias viewpoint

    Simply because I know people can change so drastically based on their environment, seen it happen too many times, and too many people hurt, and I’ve found that giving yourself in to people such as the one who offered, tends to open gateways and vulnerabilities to people who later wish they were more detached from such vague yet impactful situations

    However as you’ve both said, it still remains true that a person should follow whats important to them, or as you’ve put what they feel okay with, just as I say things should always be thought deeply into. Hence it’s why places like this are a small but good partition to view things through


    Whilst replies have been written in a double perspective, which is always appreciable, I think that it’s something that even if it means little to you, may mean an awful lot to the person you do one day marry

    I believe that viewing it on a balanced spectrum will open you to emotional vulnerability towards doing so, and possible regret at a later date. On a moral perspective It’s hard to appreciate any one who would assist you in losing it, and would be far more commendable for them to prevent you from doing such a thing.. which simply can’t be taken back.. Stay aware of those who use comfort as a means of manipulation

    Virginity is something that, when gone, stains the memory, irreversible.. in an emotional perspective. I believe that since your current stage of life and employment brings heavy impacts on your personal influences, you should keep sight to being aware of how it does. Our direct circumstances always effect our emotional charges towards subjects, often far different to the view points we would have when ‘out of the deep end’, so to speak

    Be happy : ), I think without the heavy long term chemistry between another, love can often seem meaningless or forever unavailable to you, but one day, you could may well find that in the long term.. someone respects you and never asks of that from you, only issue being they’re a little hard to find.. but when you do, you’re onto something good 😉

    Simply stay emotionally aware of how your choices foster your consequences, aside from the memory; the emotional purity for ‘one who respects you’ could greatly benefit your outcome


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)