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    Hi Aiyana Henderson,

    I am an Empath as well as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

    1) To answer your question “If we’re empath, how do we help other people?” –

    You can do exactly the way as suggested by @davemd as below-
    “Helping others is probably a part of who you are, you can help them to recognize their emotions and the way they think and at the same time learn for yourself….We can help ourselves through helping others”

    This is exactly what I do, as I can tune-in to others problems. Having these gifts and qualities is exactly one of the reasons I have joined this website.

    2) To answer this note of yours “I only want to learn more on not having their emotions as my own” –

    I do not wish for you that you just “live with it”.
    So if you are willing to bring about a positive change in your life then you can think of Bach remedies to soothe your
    situation. Have you heard of Bach rememdies before? They are nature’s gift to mankind….straight from the Divine. I am also using them for similar problems after going through the below post, and I want to help you with the same.

    Take a look at this post. (It is my request to patiently go through the link fully)

    Top 3 Bach Flower Remedies for HSPs

    The post’s title is about HSP, but also depicts about empathising. In my experience being an HSP and an Empath are almost similar.
    Even in most of your comments above you have used words of “Empath” and “sensitive soul” in the same post.
    So don’t worry whether you are an Empath or an HSP or both. Just go through the post and you will be able to relate it to yourself.

    There is also a quick test on this link

    For your information, among the remedies mentioned on the above link I am currently using WALNUT and MIMULUS, and a few additional remedies for other kinds of problems. They are safe to use as they are just flower essences. Do not worry about it’s availability as they are available at most places over the web.

    Please feel free and do not hesistate to write back.

    Warm regards,

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    Hi Shiv Nadar,

    Heartiest Congratulations for the little princess!

    1) Gautami (also spelled as Gouthami/Gauthami/Goutami) is an Indian female name that I am aware of, being from India
    Its derived from Gautam Buddha

    2) Boudha (or Bouddha/Bauddha)
    This can be referred to a male or a female.

    a. Is also a place in India referred in below article to be derived from Gautam Buddha

    b. Its also a structure named after Lord Buddha

    3) Siddhi – derived from Siddhartha Buddha

    Blessings to the girl!

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    Just make sure you go through 1) the link 2) as well as the video. They are two different entries but the post looks like they are the same. So go through both of them.

    in reply to: I got fired today #113467

    Hey ferion,

    Even I am currently in a jobless situation and this is the third time there is a gap in between my jobs. I got laid off in spite of having all the skills required for the job and doing it well. So, your case (not doing well as you say) and my case (even after doing well), both have the same end result of losing up the job. So I do not think it is right for you to think that you are not good enough just because you didn’t make it IN THIS job.
    After so much of “job losing” experience I am not worried much about getting a new job. It has been quite some time that I lost my job but I do have full confidence that I will get a new one. I want your mindset to reach that stage of thinking.
    The Universe has infinite possibilities. So trust me, you will make it to the right job that you want.

    Who else could we seek peace from other than Eckhart Tolle in situations like joblessness-

    Take care. Do write back if you feel like anything.

    Best of luck for your job search and wish me too πŸ™‚

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