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    To: Anita
    I understand completely! Love you guys and I’m sorry!


    The truth is Jack, I am afraid, sad, frustrated, and unsure…wanting to cry but nothing comes out..


    And to Jack you are right! I’m not cut out for this!
    I rather talk to people in person, because words and face expressions don’t get mixed up! as easy as reading txt or post does! peace!


    No I am not angry, nor mad etc.
    I have nothing against you or anyone here on Tiny Buddha!

    I’m not holding a grudge toward you Anita.. Even though I’m unsure on what you may or may not want from me? All I can do is APOLOGIZE SO I AM…I’M SORRY ANITA…..AND TO ALL WHO I OFFENDED..


    To: Anita This exactly what your first words to my post was..>>>

    <<To:Dear who:

    You wrote you want to vent. You didn’t ask for input or advice. In fact, you wrote: “how can I take or receive advice from people who are just as bad off as I am??”

    I am very active on this site. Are you referring to me being “just as bad off as” you? What do you mean by “just as bad off” ? Again, are you referring to me? To who are you referring to, who?

    If tiny buddha was a boat and you got on it, what you are doing now is drilling a hole in it and screaming: this boat sucks! it is sinking. No wonder you are sinking, who. This is no way to soar!
    More: I did not read your whole post, only the first few lines and the last few lines. I didn’t want to read more insults. So my reply is based only on a few lines.>>>
    That was from the (VEnting) page..

    How could you take it personal, when I had started my first sentence with:
    This is about me, and how I feel..

    Meaning it’s about me, not you.
    I was venting about self and life in general. It had nothing to do with you! or anyone here on tiny buddha! I didn’t leave or ask a question, because my post was a venting post. I didn’t feel that I had to leave one..If you read my Venting post, I just had 3 people that I knew die in the same week! meaning this week! one of the many reason that I started venting!and not once did anyone notice that!

    I am not the only person that you had issues with on here Anita! I read lots of your post. You even thought one time that your own best friend Jack was talking about you! And that’s my point, no one on here is talking about you!
    No it’s not about the game.For me it was about showing others respect and passing something good forward ..Just because it didn’t work for you! Meaning that I felt that you derailed my post, by saying negative things about how you don’t feel that many people won’t respond back etc. Already sitting it up for failure. Instead of letting people decide for themselves if they want to play. I felt that you made it more complicated than it actually was.

    When For some reason in post, you take everything too personal.That is truth! You went on to say that my post was insults..That’s what made me tic! because I feel you justify your actions in order to seem innocent or always the victum.. meaning saying that I and everyone is always attacking Anita! This wasn’t your first time, you have done this, meaning taking things personal! on my other post
    Am I Forever a screw up:

    <<<wrote me this, your actual words:Dear who:

    Is that right, who, do you mean it? You know how difficult it is… now I wonder if you are sincere. Because you said you lie to people. Now, how do I know?

    Going for a long walk. Will be back later:

    Once again taking things that don’t apply to you personal! That is why I said what I said…And if you are going to cut and paste my stuff, please do it right! meaning when I wrote those post to you, it said only an example!
    This is how it really was said by me, actual words:

    <<<<It kinda sucks that you would even feel this way about me, when I never done anything to you but post!
    It’s easy for people to “assume” and “analyze” but it doesn’t always mean it’s true.

    Example: I’m assuming that by the way you talk or word things, you are really not a troubled person. But a person who is pretending to be troubled, when actuality you are really a Psychologist just doing research on people with real issues.

    Example: Or I could assume that you are a person who pretends to be nice, but only looks at flaws in people, just to throw them in their faces.
    Only examples.
    But the truth is that I don’t believe you are any of those things.
    To speak, ask and get answers, that’s what I’m here on Tiny Buddha for! Growth.. Not to argue! if I wanted that, I’d just go out into the real world.

    I have nothing but respect! for you and all on here! because it takes courage to speak about serious things.
    Much Love and hope to hear from you soon.

    December 20, 2015 at 7:40 pm>>>>>

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    Not everything is about you Anita!
    I’m sorry to anyone who reads this!
    It was never met to be a finger pointed at anyone!
    I was just venting out my trapped feelings and thoughts! when I say things like you people or people, I’m not talking to anyone in particular! I just mean people including myself!

    I’m just getting off this website for good! Can’t post what I feel, because it gets turned around at me! And plus because I’m not here to battle nor argue with anyone. I’ve had enough of that in my life!
    IF I had offended anyone who reads this, I am TRULY SORRY! THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS TRYING TO DO!

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    you are very very sensitive Anita, taking everything way too personal! And I’m okay with on how how you feel about my post! I find it funny though because it says venting! meaning just what it says… The truth is like it or not we all have issues, or we wouldn’t be here posting on tiny buddha! When I said how can I take advice from people that don’t have their lives together. I was including myself too!
    Because I tend to do that often when around people.

    So who am I to do so, when my life! isn’t right? Thinking that maybe me and people, should apply in our lives what we speak. I should of know posting this too would be a big deal to you!!! insults no way of any means! When I was writing this! You have a good way of using words. If you would of continued on reading , then maybe you would understand where I’m coming from. Or maybe not..Please stop! starting shit! with me, my patients is growing thin..There is no reason for me to be mad or etc. with you or anyone on here! This is the second time, that you are doing this!!!

    I honestly feel that if Jack would of said that I was in the wrong the first time! You would of followed and never posted on my threads again! But just because he was okay with it! You decided to act like you wur okay with it! Either way no one on here is attacking you!!!
    My post is about (venting!) you take things too far! For example: If you didn’t understand my Post with the game!Or don’t like games!
    Then all you had to do, was not post on it! Or ask me to just simplify the rules for better understanding!

    But instead you yes you! derailed it! by talking about everything!.And I feel that ,that’s not right! People post topics on here that they are serious about, and want others to stay on topic,or it becomes unclear. Even lost..I even posted back to you, because I don’t hold grudges, and respect the fact that you just don’t like my rules for the game. But I’m sure that they’re other people out there, who would of enjoyed it! If given a chance!

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    To Jack, Love the honesty man! I can really relate to all that you said. I believe that a lot of those are my life lessons too! Thanks!


    To: Saisha Thank You! for clarifying, I truly appreciate it.

    Now I understand. I love the way that you think and feel truly amazing! Great outlook on life!


    Yes the movie has both vocal outburst, and tics. So it might annoy you, but I believe that Tourettes is different for many. Just like the many different types of cancer and ways that if gets people!
    Sucks to read that you have or had this problem in your life!
    Hope all gets better Anita.

    But the movie is a slight comedy to, so I don’t know. All I can say is please watch it to the end.


    whad up Jack! nice to see you back..And great story Anita, visuals are amazing. You really know how to write!


    My view on having lots of money, there is nothing wrong with being well off or filthy rich! As long as you remember where you came from and are humble about it!

    I have came across many people of wealth, and not all are bad, I knew a few who wur super rich, and you would never know it, because of the way they acted. Meaning: down to earth, humble, respectful, and generous to others.

    To me, it is the ones who forget who they are or where they came from, that give the meaning of having money a bad name..
    Adding self worth to a piece of cotton paper. a means for exchange, in order to receive what you want. Truly never really being yours, a constant cycle.

    Meaning: instead of looking at money as for what it really is, nothing, no value. Because anything that has value to it, never changes.
    example: How many times have they changed 5-10-20-50-100 dollar bills throughout the years…

    Things Such as gold, silver, and copper etc. It always stays the same. Which gives it value over time.

    But when it comes to money meaning the greenbacks, it is constantly changing, giving it no real value.

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    As for me,
    1) I would pay off all my debts first.

    2) Next I would spend 2 million and half. And buy my family a big beautiful giant house that they can all live in together,
    without bumping into one another. Unless they wanted to.

    3) Next I would put 2 million inside my sons trust fund bank account. But have it set up where he can only use a certain amount when he turned 18 for college. And then get access to the rest when he turns 25 years of age.

    4) I would also go out to africa where the help is really need and build small a safe refuge for the lesser ones, like kids,and adults starving to death, and who need education! Plus giving them music and arts. I’d invest 2 million of my cash into it. While being out there to make sure it gets done right, so that no one takes advantage of it!

    5) Last I would use 1 million of my money to buy me a nice house on the beach! Or in a nice neighborhood.
    And keep the last million in my bank account.

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    Well, this game seemed to go no where, meaning the positive game that I created. It was so easy, how hard is it too tell someone that you were really thinking about them. And ask them how are they doing? And all the replier had to do is talk about how they are, and pass it on… I’m a bit bum out! by it, because I feel no one really gave it a chance in the first place. It got derailed before it even started. ehhh! anyways I’m over it now!

    Jack and Anita….
    As for me, last night me and my mom bonded a little bit more. We talked, stayed up late watching this funny, but real good movie together.
    It was great!
    If you two ever have some time, try looking up (THE ROAD WITHIN) Youtube or Netflix and if so please give the movie a chance, meaning don’t knock it till you’ve seen the whole movie.

    And yes I do to agree with you jack, meaning our stories will get better and have a great ending!
    Words for Anita: who cares what people think! If you’re hot be yourself, regardless of size, shape, or color!
    Do what makes you feel happy! So take off that sweater and relax! not hot! and uncomfortable!

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    Please tell me more about your bucket list fantasy!

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