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    Hello Anita,

    first I want to thank you for your time and thoughts. I appreciate that you help uplift those in need. Your truely inspiring.

    I have one year left in this program. I need to just push through. Being able to establish my career to the next level is crucial especially the fact I do not recieve financial support from my child father. In my field, having a master’s makes a large financial difference. The process of achieving it is incredibly exhausting and draining. Too many people told me I wouldnt be able to do it, let alone be accepted into this program.

    I am just trying to understand how to embrace the isolation in a positive manner. I do feel very loney at times. Over the few years I have removed toxic friendships and friends who became passive aggressive, making comments negatively towards my education or who I became after the break up. I have had some of these friends over 10 years. I understand that I have a very busy schedule and cannot make new friends or date in the time being. I just never realized how many unhealthy friendships/relationship I had around me. I read it is almost impossible to make friends after 30.

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