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    Infralugal –

    Along with the professor’s critique, were your strengths & assets also pointed out? These are important questions to ask your professor, along with his specific recommendations as for what’s needed for you to gain a higher, passing grade.

    You mention having projects complimented by other students – focus on those compliments, along with your known strengths to achieve the mastery you’re striving for – combining these with those skills you’re still developing. It sounds like you know you have the needed skills. What you’re missing is your perception of what your professor expects. Therefore, if it were me, I’d ask the professor directly – what does he expect specifically, including any and all necessary details to achieve the level of mastery he requires for you to succeed.

    Asking questions of those responsible for our learning shows confidence in your ability and a desire to learn. Being able to bring about these questions through your “teacher’s masterful ways and examples” shows your respect and recognition of said teacher’s position of being a master of that specific skill – usually a win/win situation.

    Don’t let your automatic negative thinking get in your way – stop it as soon as it starts and replace it with positive affirmations that you can try, you will succeed, you believe in yourself, in your own abilities – you will succeed 🙂

    Short of all this – perhaps you’ve taken on more then you can mentally handle at this moment which would then mean it be best to stop now, and try again at a later date when your course load isn’t so heavy. But, since you’ve already invested so much energy and gone past the half way point, I’d seriously take time for introspect, and consider the aforementioned points, before walking away from it.

    Breathe 🙂

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