Read What You Need

As a consequence of the digital era, we now spend more time than ever accessing new information. Anyone can learn anything at any timefrom their computer, mobile phone, or other hand-held device.

For the most part, this is a wonderful thing. New knowledge opens new doors, spiritually, personally, socially, and professionally.

But sometimes the web can be a sticky place. You sign on to find an article about positive thinking, and twenty minutes later you’ve read about building your confidence, starting a blog, and raising healthy twinseven though you don’t have children.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with hopping from post to post, but I’ve learned it’s important to be mindful of our surfing practices so that we focus on applying knowledge to the same degree we acquire it.

With this in mind, I’ve developed a small, simple visual cue as a reminder to read mindfully. At the bottom of every post, you will see a tiny silhouette of a reading Buddha.

Whenever you see this on the site, I invite you to ask yourself whether or not you actually need to read additional content, or if it might be better to disconnect and do something with what you’ve just read.

This might mean you spend less time here on any given day, but I fully support that if it allows you to be more mindful and effective in your life.

After all, that’s what Tiny Buddha is all about.

~Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha Founder