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Let It Go

Close Your Eyes

Man Cannot Live Without Love

A Flower Cannot Blossom Without Sunshine

Inspiring 8-Year Old Amputee Dances Her Heart Out

Alissa Sizemore has loved dancing since she was four years old, and nothing could take that passion away from her—not even being hit by a UPS truck and losing one of her legs below the knee.

In her first performance since the accident, she danced to “Try” by Colbie Caillat, a song about embracing yourself as you are. I found this video on Hooplaha, and as the writer predicted, it moved me to tears.

Your Message to the World

Your Message to the World

Hug Harder

Love Longer

True Love Doesn’t Mean…

True Love

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Surprise Makeovers for Some Very Grateful Seniors

So often, people of a certain age feels less important or forgotten, but not these women from Mount Olivet Senior Care Center.

Volunteers from the group I Am Kindness surprised them with glamorous makeovers, and they all look absolutely beautiful. But it’s not the makeup or bling that did it. It’s the light that shines through their eyes, and that’s the power of love, kindness, and attention.

The Only Condition for Happiness

Letting Go Gives Us Freedom

One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes

Life Will Flash

Being Strong

Being Strong

Just Breathe: A Message from Children on the Power of Mindfulness

Just breathe. Such simple advice, and yet it can be so tough to remember when we feel caught up in our emotions. Imagine what the world would be like if we all learned the power of mindfulness as kids. Imagine what it would be like if we all made an effort to practice this as adults.

You Can’t Stop the Waves

You Cant Stop the Waves

No Matter How Long the Winter…

Spring Is Sure to Follow

I Am Not What Happened to Me

I am not what happened to me

Little Girl Brings Police Officers to Tears

Many young kids idolize singers, reality stars, and others in the limelight, but not this wise ten-year-old girl from Texas. Savannah reserves her admiration for the dedicated police officers that work to keep their communities safe, and she decided to show her appreciation by delivering hand-written thank you cards, bursting with love and encouragement.

A Broken Heart Is an Open Heart

Broken Heart Open Heart

You Can’t Calm the Storm

You Cant Calm the Storm

You Alone Are Enough

You Alone Are Enough

A Mother’s Loving Touch Saves Her Dying Infant’s Life

Doctors told Kate Ogg one of her premature twins didn’t make it, but she held on when others would have let go—and it saved his life.

Hold someone who needs it today. You never who you might save with your love.

Be Nice to Yourself

Be Nice to Yourself

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