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The Right Thing to Do

You Always Know the Right Thing to Do

Being Kind or Being Right

Being Kind and Being Right

Source: Raw for Beauty

The Amazing Typewriter Artist (Who has Cerebral Palsy)

Paul Smith, who lives in an Oregon nursing home, creates amazing works of art using a typewriter, in spite of the cerebral palsy that makes precise movements extremely challenging. One keystroke at a time, he recreates scenes from his childhood, famous paintings, and beautiful landscapes, proving where there’s a will—and passion—there’s a way.

The Unhappiest People in the World…

The Unhappiest People in the World

Source: Lupytha Hermin

One of the Happiest Moments Is…

Let Go of What You Cant Change

Healing the Past

Healing the Past

Source: Simple Reminders

An Inspiring Video Against Cyberbullying

In honor of bullying prevention month, MusEffect teamed up with poet Azure Antoinette to create this beautiful PSA to inspire action against cyberbullying. Though the video features a troupe of student dancers, there’s a powerful message in here for all us, children and adults alike.

Put Some Gratitude into Your Attitude

Gratitude into Your Attitude

Source: Mindful Wishes

Genius Is

Genius Is...


Slow Down

Slow Down


Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Such an important message. From the YouTube page: You need not delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones. The message is simple: be balanced, be mindful, be present, be here. :)

The Root of All Your Problems

The Root of All Your Problems

Source: Live Life Happy

I Want a Partner Who…

The Kind of Partner to Want


Worry Is…

Worry Is a Waste of Time

Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places: A Video from Soul Pancake

Soul Pancake handed out a bunch of frames to people on the street and asked them to find beauty in the world around them. As one very wise participant shared, “I think that if we took some time, if we looked up, we looked down, we looked at each other, we would find that there is beauty everywhere around us.”

Stress Is Not What Happens to Us

Stress Is Not What Happens to Us




To Discover New Oceans…

Discovering New Oceans

Source: Daily Inspirational Quotes

Live Painting Show of a Woman’s Life

I saw this in my Facebook feed the other day along with the words “Life goes by so fast,” and while that was precisely what I thought when watching this, it also struck me how beautiful this woman looks at every age.

It’s not physical beauty I’m referring to, though she’s attractive. It’s the light in her eyes that never dims. If there’s one thing I wish for myself, and others, it’s to maintain that light through every stage, and through every change, knowing we are beautiful.

Your Life Is a Series of Moment

Your Life Is a Series of Moments


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