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Love Yourself for Who You Are

Love Yourself

Fast Life: A Message We All Need

It’s a message we all need, and a message worth spreading.

How Awesome You Are

How Awesome You Are


Choices Show Who We Are


Source: The Readables

Looking on the Bright Side

No One Every Injured Their Eye Sight

Source: Posifitly Beautiful

The Happiest Little Dancer in the Subway

This video totally made my morning! And close to five million other people’s….

If You Want to Feel Rich…

If You Want to Feel Rich

Source: Inspirational Quotes to Live and Learn

Give Yourself Loving Care


Being Happy

Being Happy

Source: Very Best Quotes

Would You Help a Freezing Child?

Do you believe people care and look out for others? These people certainly did. They unknowingly participated in a social experiment to see who would stop to help a freezing child. If you’re anything like me, this will warm your heart.

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

It’s Okay to Fall Apart

The Sky Isn't Always Blue

Source: Live Life Happy

Feeling Gratitude and Not Expressing It Is Like…

Feeling Gratitude and Not Expressing It

Source: Inner Pieces Gallery

Make Today Matter: 24 People. 24 Days. 24 Communities.

What would you do if you had one day and $30,000 to make a difference in your community? TD Bank gave these twenty-four people an opportunity to do just that, and the results are beyond inspiring.

Love Is…

Love Is...

Things You Can’t Control

Things You Cant Control

Source: Love This Pic

Don’t Ruin a Good Day

Dont Ruin a Good Day

Source: Power of Positivity

I Like Laughter: Video from an Inspiring Comedian

Most comedians try to get laughs, but Michael Jr.’s goal is to give them. Watch and ask yourself: how can you be the punchline?

Happiness Is Always an Inside Job

Happiness Is Always an Inside Job

Source: Charity Elise Designs

Becoming Yourself

Becoming Yourself

Source: The Daily Quotes

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