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    Molly McCord

    Many people who read and write for Tiny Buddha have great messages for the world – it’s one of the reasons I am drawn to this special place in the interwebs. 🙂 I started my blog about 2 years ago – http://www.ConsciousCoolChic.com – and it has grown considerably because I stuck to my authentic voice and interests. The FB page has surpassed 10K likes, the radio show is going strong, and my first book was a recent Amazon bestseller – yay! But all of that came about because I was following my passion, my Truth, my inspirations. Here’s what I’ve learned:

    1) No matter what you share and how often you promote, everything comes back to connections and relationships. Build upon those sincerely and you’ll find new opportunities.

    2) Let your blog grow and evolve naturally; don’t be set on a strict plan at the beginning. It will change as you do.

    3) Reach out and GIVE to others first. This creates a positive energy that continues to build and is very rewarding!

    4) It’s okay to go slow when you “go public.” Stick to your comfort levels. Don’t rush if it’s not right for you.

    5) Look to others for inspiration, but do it your way. Trust your way of doing things and know you can’t do it wrong. There is no wrong! 🙂

    6) There are no shortcuts. Enjoy the process and building steps because they will pay off as you proceed ahead.

    7) There’s enough room in the world for everyone to be successful at anything they want to create and do! Isn’t that so awesome?? We can all have thriving blogs and websites that support and uplift one another – pure joy.

    What blogging tips have you learned? Please share so we can all benefit and learn together!

    Marissa Walter

    Hi Molly, these are great tips and I especially appreciate numbers 2 and 4. I sometimes go through phases where I worry that I am not writing enough, or as often as I should. I never want to force something out for the sake of it, but the fear that I’m not building my blog quickly enough or may be losing the interest of the small number of followers I’ve built up quickly sets in!  Thanks for the reminder.

    The best blogging tip I have is never to write because you feel you should, or when it feels like a chore to do it. Only put out work that is inspired and written with a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. Every post you publish should leave you with a smile on your face and a sense of achievement!

    Marissa x


    Molly McCord

    Marissa, that is a great tip! Thank you for sharing, I love it and strongly resonate with it. Writing when we feel inspired and uplifted comes through the computer screen in so many ways – and it’s why we share in the first place! I have felt ‘obligated’ to write at times but then the end result isn’t what I wanted and I don’t want to post it – back to the starting point. 🙂

    Razwana Wahid

    Really great tips guys! I’ve found if I use my strengths in the ‘real’ world in the same way as I do in the online world, then I see success. My strengths are having a structured approach, building relationships and being the cheerleader!

    So I apply this online by having a daily routine for writing for/promoting the blog, I make an effort to connect to other bloggers and promote their work.

    And I love it!

    – Razwana

    Joshua Denney

    I wouldn’t call myself a blogger by any means, but I’ve had the privilege of working alongside many successful ones.

    Own and build your own platform(s). Things like Facebook and Twitter are useful social outposts to connect and gather like-minded people, but can change without warning (and often do) leaving you with lots of wasted time, energy, and money.

    Put more effort into the few things you can control: a site on your own domain that you can customize and fill with awesome content and usefulness, an email list so you can speak directly with people (no spamming), and a good (brand) name that will stick in people’s memory so they can find you over and over and over and over (and over).

    Molly McCord

    Joshua, I think you mentioned a very important point: do not rely on FB and Twitter because we don’t own that real estate and are constantly subjected to their changes. It’s important to direct people to email lists, and to have multiple channels for connection so we don’t put all of our eggs in one social media basket. I’ve learned this is one of the most useful ways to direct my energy. And I’m still learning, which is why it’s great to share with everyone here. 🙂


    Hello all,

    Thanks to each of you for these awesome tips. I’m somewhat new to blogging, having began a few months old and it’s thusfar been an interesitng journey. Couple of things that I have learnt:

    1) Even if your topic/niche is crowded, you can still succeed, as long as you have a unique persepctive and an authentic voice.

    2) Try to help peaople in real life with your skills and do the best job you possibly can. Real life testimonials (even better if they are via video) on your website make a huge impact.

    3) HARO is a useful resource (Help A Reporter Out). They post several enquries daily on varied topics from well known media sources. If you can add something of value, you could get quoted in a widely read media source. It adds to your online authority.

    4) As Marissa and Molly said, don’t write when you feel you “should”, but ratehr when something moves you. Be on the look out for such stuff in your daily life and keep and note pad (or use your phone) to jot down these thoughts as they occur. For e.g: A few days ago, I spent hours staring at the computer screen, then gave up and went to watch a movie a with a friend. The movie topic  inspired me so much that I was up until 1 am writing a post 🙂

    5) Learn basic copy writing skills (I’ve found copyblogger and problogger to be amazing resources).

    6) Follow the mantra of “Give, give and give some more”: the returns will then come naturally.




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