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    Julianna Frisk

    I have extensive experience with angel numbers. I started seeing them 8 years ago when my dog died, and since then, they’re like a part of my life. I have meditated and communicated with angels countless times to find out what they mean and have written numerous articles on angel numbers.

    Now, I have a habit of saying a positive affirmation when I see an angel number. I use it as a means of expressing gratitude as well as a manifestation tool. I looked for some information on the internet regarding affirmations and angel numbers and found almost nothing! That’s why I’m wondering – does anyone have experience with angel numbers affirmations? Are you using them or hearing about them for the first time?

    Here is an example:

    angel number 1111


    Other examples of my favorite affirmations for individual angel numbers:

    • Angel number 222 – “All is well in my world.”
    • Angel number 333 – “I am so grateful for my angels and their blessings.”
    • Angel number 444 – “I am surrounded by angelic love and care.”
    • Angel number 555 – “I am willing to change my life.”
    • Angel number 666 – “My body is healthy and strong.”
    • Angel number 777 – “I am lucky and successful in all aspects of my life.”
    • Angel number 888 – “I attract financial abundance and money into my life.”
    • Angel number 999 – “I am wise and make good decisions.”

    I recommend saying these affirmations the moment you see that specific angel number.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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