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    Why is it that I am catholic but interested more in the philosophy of buddhism? As a filipino american, We (filipinos) are considered to be the second most religious people in the world. But I cant seem to see my self go to church on Sundays or pray to the Lord. I was always been fascinated with the philosophy of Buddhism and at the time, I thought I would need to convert religion just to understand it. But after doing more research, I began to understand, started buying books about Buddhism and practicing its philosophy. I feel like a traitor or confused but I do feel more of a spiritual connection with Buddhism than with the Lord.

    Any thoughts or similar feelings?


    Dear janssen:

    I am not religious. I do not believe in god. I do not believe in the bible.

    And I am not a Buddhist. (no group affiliations for me, thank you but no thank you!)

    I believe in some principles of Buddhism to be true: to be AWAKE (I think the story goes that the Buddha was asked if he was god and his answer was: no, I am awake!)

    I believe in seeing what is, the bare minimum of what is, after peeling off inaccurate projections, assumptions, social conventions. I believe in looking at things with a Beginner’s Mind, as if from the beginning, like a child.

    And I believe in Mindfulness, paying attention to so much that we ignore. In us, in others.

    I believe there is a lot that I don’t know and will never know. I will not “make up” what I don’t know just to feel safer.

    I believe every one of us has to live with fear. Fear cannot be eliminated.

    I believe that there is more and more to see, and the more i see, the more there is to see.



    * I just noticed I didn’t practice mindfulness and did not attempt to answer your question (better be mindful later than never, then):

    Your last question: no similar thoughts or feelings on my part because I am not struggling in regard to religion.

    As to your first question: “Why is it that I am catholic but interested more in the philosophy of buddhism?”

    My answer: because underneath the Catholic in you there is a person born with no religion stamped on your forehead or imprinted in your genes. Then you got to know your family, but you are not a carbon copy of anyone else, really, having your own individual brain, born free to THINK and BELIEVE.



    Hi Janssen,
    Guilt is a mind-made concept. Your mind has a few tools in its arsenal, like fear, comparison, etc., and guilt is another one of those that makes you worry about “being a traitor” to your own religion. In reality, a religion’s job is just to put you on the path to freedom – you shouldn’t feel trapped by it! So if you’re resonating with Buddhism (or any -ism) that doesn’t make you feel trapped, but instead makes you feel free, that’s a good thing! And you don’t really have to convert to become a Buddhist – you just have to be open to who you really are, that’s all!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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