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    Hello ))

    I’m with my wife think about 3rd child)

    How is your life going on having more children than 1-2?

    How do you bring them up if you can not leave them with elder ones?


    Dear Adrian:

    You have two children and are thinking about a third. If I was you, I would wait until the end of the pandemic before getting pregnant again.



    Hi Adrian,

    This is obviously a very personal decision to make.

    I personally have four children, first two were unplanned and the last two were planned. The change to the third was the hardest, two are ‘easy’ but three brings out challenges at times. Consider the age of your children. Things like buggy, nappies, car, housing, rooms, beds all  these things change and need to be considered.

    Also what is your motivation and reason you feel you need to add more children to your life and this world?

    As much as we parents love our children, parenting is equally challenging and difficult especially in today’s society.

    Looking back I’d have wished to be in better circumstances and have less children.

    I believe that few children are much easier, cheaper and you can focus more on them. Lastly it’s up to your wife, as she will bera and deliver any new child and naturally do most of the work relating.

    To be honest, no one can chose for you but outweigh the pro and cons and pray over it.

    What ever all the best to you and your family!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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