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    I have this friend for 2 and half years now. And I don’t know what I was thinking one night and I confessed to him. While confessing I said that I know we are only friends and I understand that but me telling you this will help me get over you. He responded with it’s too soon to decide and there are better people out there. I don’t get what that fully means. However, it was a little awkward in the beginning as we are together in all our classes, but now he is completely normal with me like how we used to be and I’m so thankful for that. But I think I messed it up more by telling him that another guy confessed to me and I consider him as my brother so I need his advice. He told me to get to know him first and was being helpful. But a bit different when I said you are a bro to me. Anyhow I do think I ruined my reputation to him because he already knows I had an ex. And this new guy that recently confessed isn’t really a “good” guy. I just can’t remove my friend from my mind, heart.. Meaning I STILL have feelings for my close friend and it depresses me a lot that now he would have the wrong idea about me


    Dear nothingmatters8:

    I think you are overthinking  this. Nothing major happened with your confession. You said a few things, he said things back to you, words so far, no actions. He was gracious to you, no aggression from either side.

    You are worried about your reputation- people are too busy with their worries about their reputations to think much about others’ reputations. As you know, you have lots of conversations within your own brain, all day long, correct? Concerned about how you come across to others…? So do most people, probably all. Everyone cares what others think of them.

    Lead your life best you can, choose  your actions thoughtfully, with awareness. Do not mistreat others, see to it that you don’t  avail yourself to be mistreated by others, and you will be okay.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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