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    Dipali Patil

    Hello people!!

    I am Dipti Patil from india and live here with my husband and new born daughter. We are buddhist by religion and my husband wants buddhist name for his daughter that’s why we both are stuck between names.

    Tylanni patil
    Druki patil
    Bodhi patil
    Charini patil
    Wendywee patil
    Yangkyi patil

    Please guys help us by giving best solution. We want a unique and attractive buddhist girl name with proper meaning. Please help.


    Dear dipalipatil,
    since I am not Indian, I can’t really say what sounds good for you, you have to decide that. However it might be good if you choose a name that is at least a bit common in your area so that your daughter won’t be mocked at school. One day she will be a grown-up woman and then the name still has to fit her as an adult and not sound like the equivalent of “Pippi Longstocking”or “she who is oh so very faithful” in your language (and everyone rolling their eyes upon hearing it). She might get to resent the name and as a consequence even buddhism itself.

    But as I said, since I am not Indian I really can’t judge your list at all and maybe this post is totally unfounded. After all you sound like a very loving parent.


    Dear Dipti Patil:

    Regarding the meanings- that has to be your personal decision as it is you and not me having your daughter. I can comment only on the sound of the names. If your daughter will ever live in the U.S. the name Bodhi (which I remember from a previous thread, means Awakened) sounds just a bit like a slang- kind of a word in U.S. English that may be the cause of her being teased and made fun of (a person’s behind). This is something to think about..?

    Also, some parents like unique, unusual names. Problem is that when the child is in school or later on the phone, the child/ person will have to spell out her name again and again and that gets tiring. In a classroom setting, a child is not likely to want the attention of the teacher mispronouncing the name, correcting the teacher (a new teacher, a substitute..) again and again and otherwise answering yet again how to spell the unusual name.

    So, avoid names that sound like other words that children/ others may use to make fun of the child and avoid uniquely sounding or spelled names that will draw lots of unwanted attention to the child in having to correct pronunciation and having to spell it for others, again and again (even after school, in all official communications).




    One thing that was foremost in my mind when naming my children is that names always get shortened to nicknames, sometimes not in the most pleasant of ways either. so please although the decision is yours and yours alone think of her future when she is at school with children that may or may not understand your reasons for her name.


    Hi Dipti,

    Not sure if it was someone related to you who posted a similar question at the below link. At least it doesn’t look like from both of your last names 🙂

    What are the best buddhist names for a new born baby?

    I have posted a reply on this link at Quote #113469 and #113545

    Also you can go through other responses and it also contains a link for Buddhist baby names.

    Do post back as to what name your princess was given.



    Hi, Bodhi patil sounds good to me.


    Buddhist name. I have not heard of it before.

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