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    Fe Martin

    hello. I just broke up with my ex boyfriend last three months ago. time passes by so quickly. I do admit that things are getting better after awhile but I still do thinking of him everyday. I just don’t know what to do now. I know I should move on and I’m doing everything I could just to move on and forget him. I still love him but I just don’t know if I still want him or not. He’s doing well at the moment, he goes to club often and drinking with other girls. He’s happy, I guess. We were in a long distance relationship by the way which made things even more complicated. I don’t even know why we broke up in the first place, the only thing I remember is that he said he lost his feelings. We do still talk to each other now but only as a friends. I’m just really confused with my feelings right now. I wish he could feel the way I’m feeling right now. Tell me what else I should do now 🙁

    Sam Taylor

    If I was you, I would sit down and really think about whether or not you want to be with this guy, or whether you’re just worried you wont be able to find anybody else. If you come to the decision that you want to move on then I would focus on letting go of the feelings for him (easier said than done I know). Try to focus on releasing those links that tie you to him like you’re letting go of a balloon, until you have no more balloons left.

    Don’t beat yourself up for thinking about him, that is only natural when you spend so much time with somebody. I believe it’s important to keep the memories, but let go of the emotions, that way you can just look back on the great time you had without getting that strain of emotion when you miss somebody.

    Also, I have always found that the best thing to do is to get some distance from the person you’ve broken up from, even just temporarily, I think it’s harder to get over someone when you still have contact with them.

    I hope this helps, please feel free to ignore my advice.


    I agree with Sam. please give yourself a chance to see what is best for you. Don’t get me wrong, it is so hard to stop thinking or talking to the one you love but he has made his decision. It is not fair to Fe to keep holding on just in case he changes his mind. I had my heart broken about 4 months ago. Trust me, I think of him everyday. we were also in a LDR and I did contact him in a middle a few time. I was begging him to take me back and he respectfully declined. One of the biggest deal breakers for any relationship should be one person not wanting to be in the relationship. i know its a no brainier but we emotional, heart broken girls always forget it.

    Give yourself a few weeks, months or years to really get to know Fe. See what she likes. Find out what makes her happy. Who knows this guy may not even come close to the person who is worthy of you. Maybe he will. You will never know without putting space between you and him. At the end, none of us will ever tell you what to do. this is just been my experience and its been working out well. i will tell you that i miss my guy but i don’t think of going back to him. I am going through this personal transformation and honestly, i don’t think he deserve me.

    good luck …remember you are beautiful. 🙂

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