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    Hi everyone,

    So I went to a Special Olympics fundraiser last night. I am a volunteer for them and help out in any way I can. This was a black tie event and we had a record setting night thanks to our generous donors. Our special guest for the night was Tony. Tony has Cerebral palsy and has been a global ambassador for Special Olympics for years. This man has a smile that can melt any ones heart. A laughter that is so infectious that even a sad person like me (I am not usually sad but I have been for a few months due to my breakup…see my many forums) can cry laughing. He is an inspiration. He said something in his speech last night that hit me hard. He said “don’t take life so seriously…its the only one we have”. This man has been in a wheel chair all his life. He has been fighting this disease all his life. He has so much courage that in spite (or with) this debilitating disease, he lives alone and takes care of himself. Seeing how independent he is, his landlord has now allowed other special needs people to move into the apartment complex. Together, they have built a community and support everyone with or without disability to live life to the fullest.

    Tony’s best friend was also speaking in this event and he said that when his father died, Tony didn’t leave him alone for a week. When he asked Tony why he was sticking around when everyone has left, Tony said “no one should be alone when they are sad” 🙂

    It is my belief that everyone has a disability.

    I personally am disabled by the “victim” role I play in my life. I keep looking for acknowledgement from the outside for me and my accomplishments. This 4 month journey into finding myself has been so painful and yet so rewarding. I want to encourage everyone going through bad time in their lives to make their “disability” their strength. Please take the time to look yourself in the mirror and say “I got you”. Reach out to someone else who is hurting and shed a tear of mutual grief with them. Sit with yourself and listen. Just listen to yourself. Meet people like Tony and feel the courage that oozes out of this man and be grateful for your legs..hands…brain…everything else that works “normally”.

    Its upon us to make this world livable. Lets take the “shit” that this universe has given us and plant a garden (Ajahn Brahm). There are enough of us “broken hearted” people in this world to make a difference. One thing I have learned from my breakup is that it hurts when someone is dishonest. because of that…I promise to never be dishonest to myself or others. My ex wasn’t kind to me so I have given that kindness to myself. because of that…I promise to always be compassionate to myself and others.

    My garden is a “work in progress”. Tony’s speech yesterday has been the fertilizer that I needed. Sure I miss my ex a lot. Sure I cry when I am alone but because of this experience, I also enjoy my good times 100x more than I use to before this breakup.

    I wish you all courage and love…you are not alone






    Hello Sapnap3,

    I really enjoyed reading your post, and I think you are correct. Sometimes I feel that my problems are huge and that Im the only one with this pain. It is true that we should always look for the less fortunate to realize that indeed we should be grateful. I always think about these things, but I just want to thank you for the reminder and hope that you can get through this breakup situation fast. Many of us need this kind of courage to look at life with your kind of perspective.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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