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    I’ve been with my boyfriend for just 2 months but we have known each other for a couple of years. He is also a few years younger than me. We are both long-term Buddhist practitioners but strangely, this does not keep us from being controlled by basic afflictive emotions. He has a very busy life and constantly stressed out. When he is stressed out he is extremely moody and either tries to pick up an argument for a trivial reason (like why am I wearing make-up….someone could find me too attractive) or he completely withdraws and ignores me. And when we argue then it usually ends in tears on my part because he just gets to mad and mean, and I feel hurt. I hate it when he ignores me for a long time, but he expects me to be available at all times. I really love him very much and I certainly want to be with him, but I need to find a way to deal with my own emotions and reactions towards him when he gets moody or cold like an ice-block. I’m also a quite sensitive person, I probably already feel someone’s emotions even if they are trying to hide them. Maybe a less sensitive person wouldn’t find that this is a big deal and just shrug it off, but when I really love someone I just get hurt very easily and it doesn’t help if the other person is also super sensitive and moody. I get a lot of advice from a mundane perspective but I’m more looking for some advice from a Buddhist, compassionate yet assertive, perspective. Thank you!
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