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    Please help me, Im in a
    desperate place, Im so so
    uncomfortable with myself,
    I’ve made horrible mistakes,
    for years, I’ve hurt people I
    love because of all my fear
    and insecurities, Im
    codependent, Obsesive, with
    Negative toughts and of course
    with awful feelings all the
    time, intense drives my life, I
    just cant keep living this way,
    but I cant find answers… Im
    feeling so sad, I dont know
    what to do.
    Im sorry for contaminate you
    all with my problems, but here
    is the only place I can find



    Without the proper influences, it is indeed difficult to harbor a positive mindset along with developing a loving character. However, please be of some ease. Your actions of seeking help/advice proves that you want to better your being for yourself and for your loved ones and are seeking to bloom. There is grand context in your action so smile a little.

    Please understand that when we maintain negative habits that they become difficult to remove therefore do not believe you will be able to become a better person in a short amount of time (although possible). Instead, retain the view of constantly improving yourself and regardless of how little improvement you feel you’ve made it will be some improvement nonetheless hence something you can be delighted about. And, similarly to when we learn math: we cannot go from learning addition then straight to physics. Improvements, advancements and growth are developed over a period of time. The timetable may sound despairing but all grand things requires careful nurturing. Your life and your loved ones are important to you so you should take your time.

    For now, do your best to practice mindfulness. Remember that thoughts precede all actions hence take care of your thoughts. Before speaking/acting, always first think of the possible consequences and how you would feel if these things were said/done to you. This is more easily done when you retain a general loving and compassionate mentality. Eventually, everything will become tendency become easier; just remember that this will require your effort.

    Wishing You Harmony,



    Forgive me, I have made a grammatical mistake. The last sentence should read ‘Eventually, everything will become tendency and become easier.’

    As you see, I’ve made a mistake but took action to correct it. Your mistakes can be corrected too.



    Thank you so much Al, your words encourge me more to change my life.
    I would love to stay in touch with you 🙂
    I send you a Big Hug!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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