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    Does anyone reading this have a Dharma name? If so, can you share with me what it is?

    I’m about to formally affirm that I will follow the 5 precepts (called “5 mindful trainings” at the monastery I practice as a lay brother). After which I am going to be given a Dharma name in the zen tradition. I have already followed the 5 precepts, however I am not perfect and sometimes I am hard on myself for it. The thing I am guilty of is not staying 100% vegan. I travel alot for work and it is really hard to find things not made with animal products while on the road.

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    Hi! I have a Dharma name, which is “Complete Understanding of the heart” 🙂


    Just received mine.

    “Radiant Life of the Heart”.


    This is very important,
    In China,
    Dharma name is inheritance,
    I am the Rinzai Zen disciple,
    Dharma name: weibin

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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