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    I went to collect something I gave my ex to borrow a month ago, after a few attempts. I thought we were on good terms, so I had went and did something nice for her today by getting some Hawaiian flowers and Hawaiian fall decorations for her apt, as I went up with bags of stuff to surprise her, I was surprised to see her door cracked. I politely knocked and she said ” come in ” but I politely waited for her to open it. To my surprise, she was in the process of moving and she was rude and cold to me. asked me to leave rudely and she had no idea I came up there to give her some fall decor, as fall is her fave time. What turned into a day of buying things for her, turned into a big regret. As I was walking upstairs, I did see what appeared to be a man and his two daughters (her boyfriend and his two daughters.) After the fact. I will end by saying that I did my best to mend things, which I thought I had thought things were good, since she was so sweet to me a month ago but after tonight, from her end, it was all an act. My mistake for believing her. Either way, I wish her nothing but the best in life. I don’t feel I deserved to be disrespected like that in front of strangers but at the same time, it’s fine. The book is closed and I have accepted it all. I am forever grateful to the universe for the opportunity of mending things from my end last month.

    This will be my last and final post on this site. I wish you all so much love, positivity and light in your lives always.

    – Marie

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