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    Melanie Powell

    I am a middle aged woman,married (2nd time round)and have 3 kids,aged 23,26.and 30 yrs.I am british and my children are Australian.I split from my first husband(childrens Dad)14 years ago and relocated back to the UK with the children.Shortly afterwards I met my second husband.We always spoke about moving back to Australia,but due to careers and the children going through school we postponed it.Well years later,the kids left home,and I want to return to Australia to live.My husband does’nt want to though.My kids don’t live near us (they live in the UK but not near enough for real regular visits).I have my Mum,siblings and oldest son all living in Australia and I live in fear that should we get older,the remaining two kids might decide to move back to Australia and we will then be too old.I cannot convince my husband to move.I have thought about separating and going back alone.We are not unhappy as such in our marriage,but I cannot bear the thought of being here in the UK technically without my children should they go back to Australia.What am I going to do?This issue needs to be dealt with because its consuming my life!Please help xx


    Very dear, although its seems big and difficult decision to make right now but if you sit outside the picture and see whole story by sitting outside, keeping emotions out of picture, I am sure you will make better decision. Nobody can make decision except yourself but I can give you few options which you can keep in mind and make decision.
    1. Your kids are adults now starting or started their own life professionally and personally. You have your partner for your old age to talk and care. Even you have kids but your actual partner is your husband.
    2. No mater what human makes future plans, if nature makes any other decision, our plans just remain as plans without any outcome. At any point if we can’t any decision, it’s important to call universe help and wait for nature decision. Remove all thoughts, keep yourself out of any decision , make faithful pray in quiet place, ask for answer. Answer will come in your mind.
    3. Keep in mind, getting too much stress about future is spoiling your present and we don’t know what our future holds so please make your present happy and your happy relaxed vibrations will definitely bring relaxed future. Love u.

    Melanie Powell

    Thankyou Lubna for the wise reply!You are absolutely right about too much stress is spoiling my present time.Its now made me more aware that these thoughts about Australia are actually taking over my whole life and making it harder to live in present time!I think I need to go back to making time to meditate daily and practice some yoga too!Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to reply,I really appreciate it!xx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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