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    Hey everyone. As of the 20th of June I am 8 months sober and clean!!
    Anyway, i had a dream last night that I was camping by myself in the forest. I felt safe until a van full of old highschool kids I used to know pulled up “Hey I know you! What are you doing tonight? Come to the bar for a beer?”
    So, oddly enough I said “Yeah sure.” They allowed me to take as many beers as I wanted from their case, I took three in each hand so 6 total.

    I got in the van and we drove along a trail in the woods. I felt uncomfortable and in the back of my head I kept asking myself what the hell am I doing here? Then I seen a large gorilla running in and out of the trees so I told them to pull over, we all got out of the van and I seen this gorilla still running through the trees but they could not see it. So i decided to chase it. It was as if he was playing games with me, peekaboo or tag. Finally, after not catching the gorilla I gave up trying to chase it. I went back to the van with the beer bottles in hand and I said “You know what, I have no idea why I’m here right now. I don’t drink, sorry. I need to go back to camp.” and then I walked back to my campsite.

    What do you think the dream interpretation would be for this dream?

    Rock Banana

    My interpretation is that dream interpretation can be a waste of time and the people that buy into there being set ‘interpretations’ for specific thematic ideas or instances in dreams miss both the reality of our individuality and the creative, sometimes ‘random’ nature of dreams.

    Why do you think your dream “means” something other than what it was? While it’s possible your mind may be processing information or relaying some kind of message, if you yourself don’t know what it is then how are strangers on an internet going to be more qualified than you to tell you what’s going on inside your mind? 🙂

    With that said, congratulations on your 8 months sober & clean!



    Consider you may have some anxiety about peer pressure from old buddies leading you astray. Your gorilla chase reminds me of your id “chasing the high”. Together, perhaps your inner child is noticing that before you started socially drinking, you were fine alone. But after socially drinking, habituation kicked in and you chased and chased an alcohol buzz. Then, you quit, grew sober, walked away from that lifestyle.

    Congrats on your accomplishment. One day at a time, friend, keep going!

    With warmth,


    I’m pretty spiritualistic and i believe that dreams do relay messages between myself and my guides. Sometimes I have trouble putting the two together. My dreams are very intuitive a lot of the time, and my mind is creative, all minds are creative. But i do believe dreams have much more profound meanings than that just of our minds going all out when we rest. Thanks for the support at the end though, very much appreciated.


    Thank you Matt, i like that interpretation. Makes sense to me. I’ve been researching what the gorilla means. I think animals are very important in dreams, and I’ve never seen a gorilla in my dream before!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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