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    There’s this guy in my art class that I really like, but I feel like I might of messed up my chances with him. I can usually talk to him fine, but today I felt like I was acting dumb around him. I’m really afraid that I’ve messed it all up and I’m freaking out a bit. Any tips on how I can go back to how I was before around him? I don’t want to make it even worse.

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    Dear sofia:

    It is okay to mess up, after all this guy messes up too, just like you. Everyone messes up: everyone makes mistakes and functions less then perfectly- welcome to humanity, sofia.

    In life, in most circumstances, when we are “acting dumb” (but not abusively)-  there are second chances, and thirds. You will have your next change next art class.



    For 17 years I acted like a child.  My wife has taken care of me when i should be taking care of her and our family.  I have done wrong to her, my son Daniel, and other family members.  Yeah you can apologize but if you can’t show it then the words I’m sorry are just words that will fall on deaf ears.


    I am trying to show change one day at a time.  No it is not easy, and i am suprised my wife is still married to me.  My son resents me for all of the bad exposure i gave to him when he was younger( fighting and alway arguing with his mother, acting like a spoiled child when i couldn’t get the newest cell phone, doing things that made him wish i had never been his father: stealing lying etc…)


    I am now reading the bible, and i really enjoy the quotes here on the tiny buddah site.  They are truly inspiring and uplifting.  They help me to see my wrongs and help me to understand that i have to fix myself to keep my family.


    To my lovley wife Christine of 17 years, i can say sorry but rather than that I will show you in my actions.  I will be that really nice italian guy you met along time ago(who didn’t dress right lol according to you)


    I may not be able to give you back the 17 miserable years from the past, yet I can give you the best 17 years with the new me in our future together.


    to my son Daniel: you have every right to be ashamed ogf me, and i now understand why everytime i try and talk to you it appears you wan’t nothing to do with me.  I have shamed you.  I hear what you say yet i really don’t listen(Not purpossley: i just let my mind wander and that’s not the right thing to do)


    To my Daughter Maddie: I love you my little girl, and although you are kind of young to understand it at this time yes i have shamed you.  I make your mom cry, and i get your brother so upset that i believe at times he takes it out on you.


    I will say i am sorry to you all, but like we all agree.



    Actions will speak louder than words.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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