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    Hi everyone, I’m a 24 year old college student who has been dealing with scrupulous OCD and anxiety for the last 6 or 7 yrs. Because of my disorder, I haven’t been able to hold down a job and have lost my financial aid. I’ve also recently become estranged from my mom, who was my sole source of financial support, even though she was never really there with emotional support. I guess right now I’m just feeling extremely stuck. I realize that things could get better but I also realize that they could get much, much worse. I don’t want to end up homeless or dead, but the fight going on inside my head makes me feel like this is where I’m headed. Does anyone have any tips as to how I can work up some hope or turn my life around? Thanks for any input.



    I’m very sorry for the struggles that you’re having, sometimes fear can be utterly paralyzing. Once that feeling of dread settles in, it can feel like someone is sitting on top of us, and even breathing can become a labor. Don’t despair, there is always a path toward joy. I’m not an expert on OCD, but some things came to heart as I read your words.

    It seems like it would be good if there was some relief from the fear and the disorder that keeps generating the fear. I will make an assumption that you’ve seen a doctor and are following his recommendations?

    In terms of healing from a holistic wisdom approach, the first thing that came up was maybe it is a difficulty in your root chakra. When the root is open and flowing normally, we have a grounded connection to the world and feel safe. When its closed, we are either unreasonably attracted or repulsed by the world.

    When I was considering what kind of steps you might take which could help, kundalini yoga seemed like a good fit. There is a breath focus, where one pulls energy into the root and balances the area. There has actually been research done on it, and it has proven effective with OCD!

    Before starting any kind of new practice, it would be good to discuss it with a doctor. Also, if you’re interested in trying it, make sure you find a teacher (as opposed to a book or web instruction).

    I know it can sometimes be difficult to keep the faith inside us alive. We’re dealt all sorts of cards, and some are much more challenging than others. It would be nice to see it as a blessing in disguise or something, but let’s face it… it kinda stinks. However, when we roll up our sleeves, get to work, and try, we get some momentum of healing started that lasts even if we have to keep looking for our inner light.

    I hope there is peace for you soon! Namaste.

    With warmth,

    David Goettsch

    LCT, Anxiety is a strange creature, I say that because I have battled with bad anxiety over the last few years, and I finally got mine under control. Although I don’t have OCD, I have more generalized anxiety. The most effective way that I have found to get out of anxiety’s grasp is to retrain your focus. Anxiety really is a downward spiral, it works like this.
    1. Something small goes wrong
    2. We focus on what that thing going wrong means
    3. We find any and all bad things and imagine the worst case endgame in the situation.
    4. We start panicking because we convince ourselves that the worst case scenario WILL happen.
    5. The worst cast scenario does happen because of how much we have convinced ourself it will.
    6. The cycle repeats.

    Conquering anxiety for me was about 2 steps.

    1. BREAK the cycle. When you notice yourself transitioning from step 2 to step 3, you have to redirect your thoughts onto something realistic and productive. If you let the cycle go past this point it is insanely hard to reverse because it has build up momentum. Break the cycle by using your body. If you find yourself panicking, change your physical or mental state, because your body can instantly change your mind. If i am feeling anxious, I go workout, or I put on music that moves me. It doesnt matter what you do but you need to change your STATE before it gets out of control.

    2. Actively work on retraining your brain and your focusing patterns. I advise using meditation to build the framework for this discipline, then going on the mental diet. Finishing the mental diet was a turning point for my anxiety, but it is a difficult task to commit to, that’s why i recommend starting with meditation.

    If you want to read more about the mental diet and my personal favorite meditation techniques, check out my blog, I even posted my personal daily journal of my experience on the mental diet. this is the link for my site.

    You need to realize that everything is a state of mind: happiness, sadness, depression, and yes EVEN anxiety is just a state of mind. That means you can change it. It takes a lot of work, but I am a living example that anxiety can be beaten if you keep working at it, and have a sensible approach. I have a ton more information about anxiety, but i’m working on putting together an E-book to help others because I know how debilitating anxiety can be. Until then I hope the resources here and on my site help you find your feet again. Feel free to email me on my site or send me here if I can help you in any other way. You can beat it, I promise, just keep your head up and put one foot in front of the other.

    Personal Growth Project


    hello LCT i am very sorry for your circumstances. you are facing harder times but remember that after every negative thing there gonna be a great thing.first take sometime for your self.take a pen and book sit in a pleasant place and start write every thing that really hurts you and all the possible solutions carefully.keep your self busy in some work do not loose hope.may be today yor are facing financial crisis.try out each possible oppurtunity carefully and with 100%commitment .most important thing is that “do not lose hope”.we will pray for you.the above suggetions are only my personal advices if you find that they are appropriate its ok ottherwise leave it.
    thank you
    with regards

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